You are not alone. Your monsters are always with you, wherever you go. So enjoy them. They are special, just like you.


Anonymous asked
your sick and how old are you u look pretty young from ur pic here

Im eighteen. 

hitlerinboots asked
I have to change my panties after looking at your blog

Thank you for making me laugh. :DD 

16bitmetal asked
Ozzy or Dio? It better be Dio...

Oh man, you are going to kill me. Well, I can’t say it on 100%, but I would probably go for Ozzy. I don’t know, I just love his personality and his husky voice. I like Dio too, but for me it’s probably Ozzy.

ottersrule asked
Hey as a metal head guy I love the concept of your blog. Haha where I live there isn't a lot of metal girls. So a blog where girls are all dreamy over metal dudes makes me feel good haha

Where I live there isn’t a lot of metal guys, so I’m kinda making up with (for?) this (is this phrase correctly? I dont even know. I should stop using english phrases I know nothing about). Have a nice day. :))